Pabot: How to deactivate traceback?

Hi! Currently executing test cases via Pabot in case of a fail I get shown the whole traceback to the fail keyword. Running the same test cases using robot command I do not get the traceback.
Is there any possibility to deactive the console output for the traceback using Pabot? In some cases we’re using the console output for some documentation too, however, it’s getting unreadable for our customers.

Current Pabot call:
pabot --pabotlib --testlevelsplit --nostatusrc

if item.command == ["robot"] and not options["listener"]:
        options["listener"] = ["RobotStackTracer"]

Reading the code of Pabot it seems not prepared to actually switch it off.

But if you just set any other listener to your pabot command, it should deactivate the RobotStackTracer.

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Thanks for supporting!