Open browser Show blank Page


Im using robot framework with selenium but i get a blank page when im executing

Go to ${URL}

this is my requirement

robotframework==4.0.3  robotframework-seleniumlibrary==5.1.1  selenium==4.0.0

and this is my code:

${options}= Evaluate sys.modules[‘selenium.webdriver’].EdgeOptions() sys, selenium.webdriver
Call Method ${options} add_argument --no-sandbox
Call Method ${options} add_argument --disable-extensions
Call Method ${options} add_argument --headless
Call Method ${options} add_argument --disable-gpu
Call Method ${options} add_argument --disable-logging
Call Method ${options} add_argument --disable-dev-shm-usage
Open Browser about:blank browser=Edge options=${options}

Im using Docker image with the following details

Microsoft Edge 119.0.2151.58
Microsoft Edge WebDriver 119.0.2151.58
Python 3.8.10

Can we user Create driver instead ? if yes please assist me !

the same with the latest version of robot framework , selenium

Using ubuntu:20.04

You are getting what you asked for.

Experiment replacing about:blank with ${URL}

Try with a known URL just to be sure.

Yes, i load the page first to about:blank
But in the next keyword i call go to $url and it still blank

Make sure the url has the preceding http:// or https://. Without it selenium will not see it as a valid url and will not navigate to the page. I don’t recall if either selenium or SeleniumLibrary throws an error but trace loglevel might show something.

Thank you

Of course the url has https: and it rerturns 200 when i check log
but when i take screen shot , i got this

i cant find any Xpath on this blanck page

You are not asking for a correct URL, like EdManlove asked.

You show us the result of screenshot, but in the previous image we can see that the argument was not starting with http:// or https:// (at leas it seems).

But you should really confirm if the URL is working in a clean browser session. Start a browser in Incognito mode and enter that URL.

As I read this I see the opening with a blank page but then using the Go To keyword to navigate to a page which is a perfectly fine way to operate. As to why the blank screen I was thinking this could occur with a javascript error causing the page not to fully load or render. I see you got a 200 response. I would throw in a Get Source keyword after the go to and see what is in there. That might reveal more about what is going on …

i appreciate , and yes its a blank page

the url load with firefox instead

how can i add proxy configuration to edge please ?

Using the string format for the Selenium options,the following should set that additional argument for a proxy server, replacing with your server either the IP or url,

Open Browser	None	Chrome	options=add_argument("--proxy-server=")