Not able to run robot script from python runner

Hi All,

Not able to run robot script from python runner

I have robot script which is working fine on my local machine. However I am trying to run robot script using python runner.file

Approach 1: — Working fine. Sequential script execution works fine.

Approach 2: Not working. I have installed (pip install robotframework-pabot)

I am trying with pabot because I want to run my robot script on multiple chrome instances parallelly to perform my task for different customer using same script

pabot is installed but still showing error in python file.

I have python runner file from which I am calling robot script.


I have written below code to capture screenshots which is working fine when run single instance of chrome with same script.

Capture screenshot image 

  [Arguments]   ${image_name}

  # Capture screenshot image

  ${image}= Set Variable  ${customer_id}/Screenshots/${image_name}.jpg

  Log To Console  Capturing screenshot image ${image}.jpg

  capture page screenshot   ${image}

Getting below error when executing multiple instances of chrome on same machine.

Variable ‘${image}’ not found.

Variable ‘${image_name}’ not found. Retrieving

Note: I have verified this folder path created correctly in case of parallel run. e.g. It create folders like below

for customer 1


for customer 2


Looks like in robot getting issue while saving screenshot in parallel mode. 2 instances of chrome launching successfully but only problem while capturing snapshot.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated

#python #roboticprocessautomation #robotframework #selenium