Need a help in identifying the selector

Element tag:
<eui-card id="" card-title="" class="model-card error selected" style="animation-delay:" selected=""><!--?lit$639088416$--><eui-tag slot="action"><!--?lit$639088416$-->1 version</eui-tag> <!--?lit$639088416$--><div class="model-card-content" slot="content"><div class="subtitle"><eui-tooltip message="" position="bottom" delay="500"><!--?lit$639088416$--></eui-tooltip></div><div><!--?lit$639088416$--><!--?lit$639088416$--><eui-icon class="icon__error" name="triangle-warning"></eui-icon><!--?--></div></div></eui-card>

I need to find the element eui-card elements in which id that starts with “”

Tried the below combination but not working
Wait For Elements State css=eui-card >> text=/^iris_model3 visible timeout=30s
Wait For Elements State eui-card[id^=iris_model3] visible timeout=30s
Wait For Elements State //eui-card[contains (@id, iris_model3)] visible timeout=30s

Nothing is resolving the element.

Kindly help with this

The first selector is missing a closing “/” for the regex imho.
In the 3rd one, iris_model3 should be in quotes.

When all my desperate attempts have failed, I always use to go on step back and try the very basic things to see if they also fail.

Open the page to test, change to the developer tools > Console


Do you get any eui-card element?
If not, chances are, that there is an iframe.
In that case, try

(These are shorthands to test CSS selectors; XPath works with $x)
Any results here? Then, all elements inside the iframe must have a selector prefix.