'Mouse Move' has no move method : Jump

Tosca has Mouse Move method Smooth, Jump etc…

results in these obstacles: can be done by Tosca:

But can NOT be done by RBFW… :frowning:

Can they be added?

You could add a feature request on the GitHub page of the SeleniumLibrary. But the fact that it’s not something already available is a good indication that the practical necessity is most likely close to non-existent and that, if you really want / need this, doing the implementation yourself and provide a pull request is probably the way to go.

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I see your point :slight_smile:
https://marketsquare.github.io/robotframework-browser/Browser.html is the used Library at hand which makes use of the Playwright, so I think that ‘jump’ , ‘smooth’ mouse variations are not in the #devel:playwright-dev

You could probably play around with Mouse | Playwright Python there is a steps argument and I would assume 0 or 1 would be ‘jump’ and some higher number ‘smooth’.

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ik ben nu met deze bezig Robin: robotframework - Tosca puzzle 41036 solved with RBFW (title: TABLE SEARCH) : code isseu= Strip string does not strip all the characters - Stack Overflow
ik snap niet goed waarom ie de string niet goed stript. heb jij een adres waarop ik je anders op Microsoft Teams even kan toevoegen? (kan via linkedin0

cool. RBFW works differently then Tosca it proofs. This does not work in Tosca, but works in RBFW:
CLICK xpath=//[@id=“checkpoint0”]
CLICK xpath=//
it solved this puzzle and I’m on to a new one. :slight_smile:

Could you @vip, please keep the communication in English, it makes it easier for us not going to translate.


Hope you are collecting those solutions scripts to share with the community. I’d like to see them at https://github.com/adrianyorke/robotframework-cookbook or I can put them on my site at https://robotframework.transformidea.com/.
Or you can create your own site at GitHub or GitLab, etc.

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That’s a great idea. I have 28 now, 20 of them have a nice solution. I think I add them in a zipfile and make that zipfile available with a link. the once I need help are here: hps://stackoverflow.com/users/16991720/ltl?tab=questions

by the way @HelioGuilherme66 the end goal is a video on Youtube where I show to “the managers and CEO’s of this world” what the impact of the choice for a Test tool is. Pointing out that every Tool has it’s advantages and disadvantages. And that choosing wisely is important. And better not make assumptions that “any tool will do”.

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