Maintain browser session

I am trying to make a robot on a website where I have a url but i cant access because I need to have the login previusly. when I enter the link from the robot it fails because it cannot find the started session,
¿How can I generate a session and save it and then run a new browser with this link?

Thanks and best regards.

Hi Miguel,

There are two approaches you could take with this, both start with creating a keyword for logging into your application

  1. Call a login keyword as the first step in each test or with a Test Setup, close the browser as the last step or with the teardown.
  2. use Suite Setup to call the keyword that opens the browser and logs in then, use Suite Teardown to close the browser. If you choose this method ensure all test cases assume you could be anywhere in the application, for applications with a global navigation menu or for api testing this is not really an issue, just be aware of it and how it applies to your application.

There is no right or wrong way, it depends on what works best for your app, I have used both approaches.

Hope this helps,


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thanks Damies, i tryed whit the same browser and add a new keyword with a “go to” another page and works fine.

Thanks and best regards.