Load testing of a Web application, need advice


i need to load test an web application. My idea is to :

  • test in parallel on one machines
  • scale on multi machines when limits have been reached

test will gather information on :

  • execution time
  • resource consumption

my idea is to use :

  • for local machines
    • rfBrowser
    • Pabot
  • for multiple machines
    • Taurus


  • rfBorwser because it allows to share a browser anf i think that preserves resources
  • Pabot to execute concurrent test in parrallel from within an agent
  • Taurus (because i haven’t found anything else to launch test and gather tests result and agent resources

i would have imagine to use continuous integration tools (gitlab forge ?) , ansible to deploy agents and a supervisor to launch and supervise them all

do you have any experience in such an architecture ? can you point me to relevant resources to help me make a choice ?

thanks in advance