Launching SWT app from jnlp

Hi everyone,
I am currently trying to create a POC for automation one of our applications with RF. This specific application needs to be executing via a JNLP file, which I have. Currently I am trying the following snippet of code.

*** Settings ***
Library  RemoteSwingLibrary

*** Test Cases ***
Proof of Concept for Automation
	Start Application  app javaws "c:\app\version.jnlp"

I am getting the following error:
RemoteSwingLibraryTimeoutError: Agent port not received before timeout

I am aware this has been discussed before (mainly here but I am unclear is this is still an issue or if I am missing something. My current env is robotframework 3.2, maven 3.6.3, remoteswinglibrary 2.2.1, java 1.8.0_231.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

random thought: We had an issue with jnlp when we switched to openjdk, since it does not include javaws anymore.

Interesting… how did you end up bing able to execute a jnlp file then? Like I said, at this point I take any suggestions possible :laughing:

I wasn’t involved in the later process. There was a plan to download and install an open implementation of javaws separately. I think there was some open tool suite with javaws that could be installed on top of openjdk

gotcha! Well that is food for thought there anyways. Thank you! Ill post here anyways if I manage to find any way around this