Is there any library available for sso login testing with robot framework

Insted of login using username and password, we are supporting SSO/SAML login for ADFS/okta/Azure IDP server.
Do we have any way using which I can automate SSO/SAML based login?

Hi @swapyr8 ,

I’ve not used it myself but I know there is a library called Robotframework-OTP.


Robotframework-OTP we can use for MFA. But incase of SSO based login we dont require any OTP.
SSO will allow login without entering ID/password.

Hi @swapyr8,

There is always a login, just because SSO makes it so the doesn’t enter a username and password, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

In this SSO case the browser (IE or Edge?) is taking the user credentials from windows and passing them to the web server for the user, but the login is still happening.

You have 2 options:

  • Ensure robot framework is running on a windows machine where the user account running robot framework is the user you want to log in with (then SSO can work as you described)
  • Handle the login credentials in your robot test case (or suite setup), with this option you don’t need to use windows or be logged in with a specific user account

SSO is a bit of a deceptive name, it should probably be called something like transparent sign on or hidden sign on.


But IDP server Will be third party server on which I have to put some files so authentication can happen.
I found a way, I will be using keycloak server, will integrate keycloak with robot framework.
Thanks for your reply Dave.

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Is there a session token which could be used to authenticate into the application?
So once you have logged in you could retrieve the tokens from cookie which are used to authenticate the session. Then use those to authenticate subsequent test cases.

We can do that if we have to bypass login things…But I need to automate TC if login using SSO work or not.