Is there a way to get the JWT Token inside the LocalStorage of the Browser using Robot Framework?

Hi Nyx,

  1. If your lucky the JWT is passed by a cookie in which case Get Cookie or Get Cookies will get you what you need.

  2. another option if the JWT is passed as a http header then you will probably need to work with some javascript to extract it, Execute Javascript will be useful to do this.
    Here is some Javascript that I modified from some examples I found regarding getting headers from a page, it basically triggers the browser to send a HTTP HEAD request for the current page and then extracts the headers from that HEAD request

var req = new XMLHttpRequest();'HEAD', document.location, false);
var headrs = req.getAllResponseHeaders().split("\n");
  1. yet another option is to use the javascript functions for accessing the storage locations, i’ve never done this myself, but I found some documentation on it here JavaScript localStorage - GeeksforGeeks, combine that with Execute Javascript and you might be able to query that storage location directly

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Thank you so much highly appreciated, i’ll get look into your suggestions @damies13

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Hello @damies13 I’ve found a library where you can easily get an item on the localStorage or sessionStorage

Screenshot from 2022-10-14 15-50-05

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