Informative message for FAIL and PASS test steps

Hi all !
We use the robotframework, write keywords using resource and python files and seem to get valuable benefits from it :slight_smile: :+1:

We have a problem and we’ll appreciate your help :
In order to let the users understand what was the reason for FAIL keywords, we use the following code in our python keywords :
raise RemoteError(‘message’, fatal=False, continuable=True)
We use “continuable=True” because it is important for us that in case a keyword returns FAIL, the other steps’ keywords will run. (the step will not stop running after a FAIL keyword)

We looked for a similar way to work for PASS steps and didn’t find how to do it.
We tried to use the PassExecution command but if we use it the step is automatically stopped (the next steps’ keywords after this keyword are not run)
In the robot.errors API we see the difference between these two commands - The PassExecution doesn’t contain an option to configure the continuable field :

exception robot.errors.RemoteError(message=’’, details=’’, fatal=False, continuable=False)
exception robot.errors.PassExecution(message)

In conclusion : We need a way to raise the users messages for PASS keywords without skipping the next step’s keywords

Thanks all in advance,