I want to modify a value of a list

I’ve created a list in robotframework and I want to access a one of the parameters and modify it but I can’t.
This is the variable list: @{result_tests} FAIL FAIL

I’ve tried to modify with this command:
Set List Value ${result_tests} 0 PASS

Hi Carlos,

Are you using Set List Value from the Collections Library? If so what’s the error you’re getting? I ask because your syntax appears correct.

This example robot:

*** Settings ***
Library 	Collections

*** Test Cases ***
Carlos Pitero 0
	@{result_tests}= 	Create List 	 FAIL 	 FAIL
	Log 	${result_tests}
	Set List Value 	${result_tests} 	0 	PASS
	Log 	${result_tests}

produces this result: