I have tried to click the element in Edge browser and not able to click

I need to run test case in Edge browser and tried to click the first user ID and not able to click.

sleep 10

click element //*[@id=“tilesHolder”]/div[1]/div/div/div/div[2]
sleep 10

Application with Two user ID:

The output result:

Hi Samta,

When dealing with an app that has a screen like that “Pick an account” screen, usually I find the easiest way is

  • check if the screen contains the button/link test “Use another account”,
  • then inside an IF click the “Use another account” option,
  • that then should bring you to the username input screen so after the IF you can enter the username.

Combine Run Keyword And Return Status with something like Element Should Be Visible should give you a true/false result you can use for the IF

You could also do the reverse logic, check for the username field and if not found try clicking “Use another account”, then check for the username field again


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