How to set the severity level in Allure Report

I am working with the robot framework and using the allure framework to generate the test report.

When I generate the report for both passed and failed test cases, it displays the severity graph like this,

When I generate the report for both all passed test cases, it displays the severity graph like this,

But, I want to know, how to get the severity graph with various statuses (Blocker, Critical, Normal, Minor, Trivial) like this,

This is my code,

`*** Settings ***
Resource /resource/path/new.robot

Library DataDriver file=/resource/path/New.xlsx encoding=UTF-8

Test Setup Begin Test
Test Template Fill the form
Test Teardown Close Browser

*** Test Cases ***
Fill the form

*** Keywords ***

Begin Test
Open Browser ${BASE_URL} gc
maximize browser window

Fill the form

[Arguments] ${Email} ${Password}

input text    ${LOCATOR_Email}    ${Email}
capture page screenshot  
input text    ${LOCATOR_Password}    ${Password}
capture page screenshot  
Click element  xpath://html/body/app-root/div/form/button
Sleep  10s

# Login to the page
click element  xpath://html/body/app-root/div/app-sidebar/div/ul/li[9]/a/p
sleep  10s
capture page screenshot  

# Select the method 
click element  xpath://html/body/app-root/div/mat-radio-button/label/span[1]
Sleep  1s

## Enter the date
input text  ${LOCATOR_Date}      10
capture page screenshot  
Sleep  1s

# Continue button
Click element  xpath://html/body/app-root/div/form/button
Sleep  2s` 

I have no idea about these severity graphs, so I have followed many more files including the below links to find the details;

But I couldn’t get any ideas about this. Could you please explain this simply?

Any guidance and advice will be greatly appreciated!

Hi @Sandaru,

Robot framework doesn’t have all those statuses (Blocker, Critical, Normal, Minor, Trivial), only Pass, Fail and Skip, see the documentation Test and suite statuses, and depending on which version of robot framework you are using, you may not even have Skip.

I hope that answers your question,


Your answer is also very useful for me. But I want to know about the severity graph. I always got the severity as “Normal” (Screenshot 1 & 2), so, I want to get it as critical/ minor or some other severity level.
How can I do this?

Hi @Sandaru,

I don’t believe robot framework has a severity concept so I don’t think that is coming from robot framework, perhaps Allure uses normal by default if you didn’t specify a severity? but i’m only guessing.

Sorry I don’t know anything about Allure, perhaps you can ask on their forums?


Yeah, as I know, if we didn’t specify the severity, it displays the severity as “normal”. And I asked about this from the allure discussion board, but I couldn’t get the correct answer. Thanks for your help.