How to save a variable into clipboard

Is it possible to save a variable into clipboard in order for me to use Press Keys locator CTRL+V syntax?

My scenario was to paste a variable (test data) into text field.

Note that the Input Text syntax was blocked on the system(test system) by default and the only way to add a data on the text field is to paste a variable.

Have you tried the first solution given here?

Seems to be using clipboard ยท PyPI which is quite old so I am not sure if it will still function.

You can use the following code for copy paste in Robot Framework
1.Install clipboard library using command in CMD : pip install clipboard
2.use code:  
          Copy To Clipboard     ${TextToCopy}       
          Click Element         ${TargetLocator}    
          Press Key             ${TargetLocator}       \\22

Hi Wolfe,

Already installed clipboard

but I would like to know on what library should i used?

as per checking Copy to clipboard belongs to RPA.Desktop.Clipboard but it is now depreciated
tried also adding the code but still not working in my script but still asking for the library for copy to clipboard.

and to add also. press key is also depreciated and updated to new keyword Press Keys