How to package scripts of robotframework as an executable file?

When we want to package rf’s scripts and all their related libraries into a fold so that this fold can be copied to other machines and then be run smoothly, are there any ways or tools can implement that? Just like some packaging tools for python programs which can automatically collect and copy necessary dependencies into the destination fold, I wonder whether there are similar tools for RF scripts.

I think this should be a common requirement and RF scripts are actually python programs, so maybe there are some ways, and could anyone be so kind as to provide some solutions?

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Its not hard to to package resource files to be bundled with python package but packaging as executable might not be possible with existing tools …

I have a similar challenge where I need to provide a robot demo on a customer’s workstation without the rights installing pyhton. Could I maybe wrap robot suites and python env in one zip file and ship it? Like an “embedded python” or “python 2 go”?