How to overwrite the original keyword

Hello All~ I just have a question about using different keyword in different system.

For example, I need to use AppiumLibrary to create the test case for Android and iOS. All test cases are done for Android and I would like to reuse the test case for iOS.

In Android, it is fine to use the keyword - “[Wait Until Element Is Visible]” . But in iOS, i can only use “[Wait Until Page Contains Element]”.

Since all test cases are written, and I dont want to have two set of test cases, would like to ask ,

  1. is there a way to overwrite a keyword action to another keyword


  1. how to edit the function or overwrite the function from the Library. (I tried to use below monkey patching , but seems it is not useful. It still use the original code.)

from AppiumLibrary.keywords._waiting import _WaitingKeywords

def newFunction(self, locator, timeout=None, error=None):

def Replaceios():
_WaitingKeywords.wait_until_element_is_visible = newFunction


*** Settings ***
Library AppiumLibrary


*** Test Cases ***

This is Test Case


Open Application ${remoteUrl}…

Wait Until Element Is Visible id=elementId

Hi Ding,

The documentation is actually really good: 2.10.1 Handling keywords with same names

Basically you need to pay attention to Keyword scopes and Specifying a keyword explicitly.