How to open Edge on Browser library

Hey, how do I open Edge on Browser library, documentation says that Edge is supported, but can’t find documentation on how to open it.

Does Open Browser keyword have some attributes that i could use?

Hi J.A,

Browser Library doesn’t support edge, it uses it’s own internal browser run-times (well technically it’s playwright doing that, not Browser Library, but semantics)

The Valid run-times values are chromium, firefox and webkit

As mentioned in the documentation (see below) Edge uses the chromium run-time, so use that and the page will be rendered the same as it would be in Edge.


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@Robot-J Contrary to what Dave says Browser Library can control Edge. Just use the code in the screenshot, to open the installed version of Edge on your computer:

You can find the documentation here:


Hi @falcon030,

That’s cool I didn’t know about that :+1:


You can also launch your Chrome browser by replacing msedge to chrome

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Nice! thanks a lot, will test this :slight_smile:

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This works…almost. For some reason on Linux based vm robot cant find elements on an active page, does someone have ideas how to fix this?
Might be that the page is not active or something…
Works on Win system tough.

Log page shows that the browser is on the right login page also.