How to handle Mouse over actions in Robot Framework

I’m currently using Robot Framework with Browser Library and i see functions related to Mouse like

  1. Mouse Button
    2.Mouse Move
    3.Mouse move relative to
    4.Mouse wheel

All are related with Mouse click operations

Anything for Mouse over and getting the text value on Mouse over?

Hi Chaitanya,

Would Hover do what you want?


Why are all related to Click?

Only Mouse Button is related to a button operation.

But Mouse Move is based on Coordinates while Hover is based on a Selector

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Yes Damies.

I need to do Mouse over and on hovering wanted to read the value

Also can you please provide an example for using the Mouse Hover function using Browser Library.

Tried searching the same and all the solutions are related to Selenium Libraray

Hi Chaitanya,

FYI thekKeyword is just Hover not Mouse Hover, and the documentation in the Hover link I gave you has good examples.


Hi Chaitanya,

I just realised that you might trying to get the hover text, you actually don’t need to hover over the element to get that, it’s an attribute of the element, so you can simply use Get Attribute to get the elements hover text. Depending on your application and the HTML tag, the hover text could a variety of attributes, some common ones are:

  • alt (for images)
  • title (for other elements)
  • aria-label (for newer HTML)

You’ll have to check the HTML of your app to find out which attributes were used


Thanks a Lot Damies13.

Your help is really appreciated!!!

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