How to get only the Version number of a web page?

Hi all, I am using Get Page Source in Robot Framwork and using Browser library, I am receibing the whole line> ${source} = <hea… But I am interested only in the Version number> Version: How is it possible to get only Version: Can someone please guide me? Thanks in advance


You could use a regex pattern on the returned source [A-Za-z]*: [0-9.]* as very basic example using part of your post:

if you do not need the "Version: " then you can use (?<=: )[0-9.]*

So you’d import String libary and then ${result}= get regexp matches ${source} "insert pattern"

Note: I could not get \s work within the pattern though does elsewhere.


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Hi Daryl, many thanks for your help, I apreciate it, have a nice day :slight_smile: and many thanks