How to do Doubleclick Element on SAP GUIShell using Robot Framework?

I am trying to automate my work in SAP using the Robot Framework with the SapGuiLibrary, but at the moment I’m having difficulties executing the Doubleclick Element command on a shell object.

After inspecting the object with Script Tracker I found the lines below:

session.findById("wnd[0]/usr/cntlGRID1/shellcont/shell").setCurrentCell 2,"STRAS"
session.findById("wnd[0]/usr/cntlGRID1/shellcont/shell").selectedRows = "2"

The command asks for 3 parameters:

Doubleclick Element    element_id    item_id    column_id

So I put like this:

Doubleclick Element    wnd[0]/usr/cntlGRID1/shellcont/shell    2    STRAS

But it dind’t work as you can see below:

AttributeError: <unknown>.doubleClickItem

So what am I doing wrong?

Only location in sapguilibrary where “doubleClickItem” is called is here:

if that line throws AttributeError, the chances are that findById does not return valid element or that element is not double-clickable ?