How to create dynamic xpath in Robot framework?

I want to create a dynamic XPath in robot Framework

${nameOFFile}=. xpath://span[text()=‘${File_name}’]

Here, instead of {File_name} I want to pass the actual file name from the Test case level.

How can I achieve parameterized xpath in a robot framework?

Note: I am using python.

Thanks in advance.

When using the Variables section, they are evaluated when test is started, so what you want is to define the variable in a called user keyword or test step. Like this:

${nameOFFile}=    Set Variable    xpath://span[text()=‘${File_name}’]

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Thanks for the quick reply

Based on my understanding I have written code like below

Click on file
[Arguments] ${File_name}
${nameOFFile}= Set Variable xpath://span[text()=‘${File_name}’]
Wait And Click Element ${nameOFFile}

am I correct?

I think so.
It’s a matter of testing :wink:

In this case you don’t need to assign to a variable. You can do it directly:

Click on file
    [Arguments]     ${File_name}
    Wait And Click Element    xpath://span[text()='${File_name}']
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