How do I send multiple Hotkeys like 'Shift'+'Tab'?

How do I send multiple Hotkeys like ‘Shift’+‘Tab’? We currently have the following

Press Keys SHIFT+TAB.

Is this the correct Syntax or do i need to do something else?

Press Keys SHIFT+TAB

My answer based on this documentation:

After using SeleniumLibrary, console:

Multiple keywords with name ‘Press Keys’ found. Give the full name of the keyword you want to use:
RPA.Desktop.Press Keys
SeleniumLibrary.Press Keys

After using RPA.Desktop.Press Keys SHIFT+TAB:
ValueError: Invalid key: SHIFT+TAB

After using SeleniumLibrary.Press Keys SHIFT+TAB:
“keys” argument can not be empty.

I sow ‘keys argument can not be empty’
try pass None as a first argument

Press Keys None SHIFT+TAB

@HumanPersonManGuy is it works?

Hi there,

No unfortunately not. It’s looking for a browser and I am working with a desktop application.

Do you possibly have a solution for me?

I have no experience in desktop app automation, but try to locate Press Kays to your app, by changing None to ‘locator’ of you app (I do not know how).