How convert string value to float

hi all,

im fetching string value ex:- x= 12.345
in the same way im fetching another value say y= 12.34500

i need compare both value they should be equal but extra zero making it fail

please help me out to find solution

Should Be Equal As Numbers from BuiltIn automatically converts arguments to floats.

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I have tried should be equal to Numbers keyword but gives error.

The values are like x=16.442,300
Another one y=16.442,3
I have used ‘get text’ to fetch values

Error- can’t convert to floating point number : value error : could not convert string to float : 16.442,300

I have used parse also not worked

Can u help please

At a guess, you’ll probably need to strip out the “,” comma first (but I could be wrong)

*** Settings ***

*** Test Cases ***
Compare String Values With Trailing Zeroes
${x} Set Variable 12.34,5
${y} Set Variable 12.34,500
${x_float} Evaluate float(“${x}”.replace(“,”, “”))
${y_float} Evaluate float(“${y}”.replace(“,”, “”))
Should Be Equal As Numbers ${x_float} ${y_float}

Hi pavan,

What’s the source of this number? The reason I ask → Decimal separator - Wikipedia

Before you mess with the numbers you should know which of the . or , is the decimal separator and which is thousand separator?


I have fetched number from bar chart(graph)

Thank you all for your valuable time got solution

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Thank you so much got it right

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Hi pavan,

I actually meant what country did the source data come from? I see you solved it already :+1:


Hi dave

I thought something else but got it.

Than you for time so much

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