How can I disable the automatic syntax error correction option in Robot Framework?

In my API test, I noticed that Robot Framework made some changes in the API response.
In fact, the actual result of my API post request is a json missing the “}”, but when i run this post request with robotframework i receive the json correct with the “}” at the end. So here, Robot Framework didn’t send me the response as it is sent from the server. It’s like that there is an option in robotframework that fix the syntax error automatically.
So how can i desactivate this option? because with this condition i can’t test correcrtly my API and detect if there is a bug or no?

I am using the RequestsLibrary library in mu test.

Could it be the case the encoding isn’t being set so it’s making that choice for you? theres little to go of above, so maybe this will help

Taken from the documentation:

Content of the response, in unicode. If response.encoding is None , encoding will be guessed using chardet. The encoding of the response content is determined based solely on HTTP headers, following RFC 2616 to the letter. If you can take advantage of non-HTTP knowledge to make a better guess at the encoding, you should set response.encoding appropriately before accessing this property.