Help with Click Element DOM

I’m new to robotframework (just started last week),

I understood that the above is not clickable via xpath / css or others since it’s completely DOM, but It’s not clear how can I access that element.

What do you mean not clickable? The clickable aspect of any element is independent of whether you are using CSS or XPath. First you need to locate and find the element, after that it should be clickable as long as it is visible, even if it is disabled.

Or am I misunderstanding your problem?

Yes , sorry. Up to now all elements were reachable (because they were all either html/css) so I was able to reach them either via xpath or css.
Now above it’s the first time dealing with DOM so I don’t know how to reach that element.
It should be

Click Element" user group:admins "

or something like that but I don’t know how to access it, and the keyword documentation doesn’t provide many examples…

The solution was :

Click Element dom=document.getElementsByClassName(“grouped”)[0]

That element should still be locatable, i.e. reachable, via CSS and XPath dare I say. You shouldn’t have had to resort to using dom as a locator strategy. However, glad you got it working. Good for you! Progress!