Help how to Handle alert and validate messages

Hi, in my company we are jsut starting with automation, we know practically nothing. we are using robotframework, browser library
I need to verify the text and accept this kind of alert

found this
but im not understanding how it works, con someone provided me an example?

${promise} = Promise To Wait For Alert action=accept text=Request Hours exceed available hours. [20.00]

Click id=accept

${text} = Wait For ${promise}

Should Be Equal ${text} Request Hours exceed available hours. [20.00]

but logs return

KEYWORD ${promise} = Browser . Promise To Wait For Alert, action=accept, text=Request Hours exceed available hours. [20.00]

Documentation: Wrap a Browser library keyword and make it a promise. Returns that promise and executes the keyword on background.

13:58:55.292 FAIL Test library ‘Browser’ contains no keywords matching name ‘Wait For Alert’.

Hi Hernan,

Which version of Browser Library do you have?

From what I can tell that keyword was added in version 5.0.1, about 26 days ago, so it’s a relatively newish keyword (Add support to verify and get alert text · MarketSquare/robotframework-browser@fb8cd47 · GitHub)

Hope that helps,