Handle Insecure connection Popup

Hi Experts,

I was using Browser Library to run some tests and I encountered this popup alert (it looks like a JS alert).

I tried using the “Handle Future Dialogs” with accept or dismiss but nothing seems to work. I am a complete beginner with rfbrowser would like your help. I even tried to capture the selector using chromium in headless=false but that doesn’t work either.
Can someone please point me to the right direction? I just want to click “Continue” button

Thank you

Hi Avé,

Can you inspect it with dev tools? it might be made from standard html elements and so click on the continue button might be all you need.

Unfortunately from the screenshot I can’t see enough of the background to tell for certian, but it doesn’t look like a browser alert to me, it looks like a html simulated model dialogue.


Hi, Thank you for the response.
I already have tried that approach but that didn’t work.
The only thing that solved my issue was to use

New Browser browser=webkit

It bypasses the popup. I don’t know why it doesn’t work on chromium and firefox.