Getting issue while looping same test case in case of failure

Hi All,

I want to retry same test case 3 times from code itself if any of the keyword fails from below code (e.g. Action1 and Action2 Failed then retry from start or retry test case -Create_Claim_Task ). If my all keywords succeed then I want to exit loop.

Below is my code
     FOR    ${i}    IN RANGE    5
            Close All Browser
            Exit For Loop If    ${i} == 3
            Log    ${i}
     Log    Exited

*** Keywords ***
    Log    action1 Keyword

    Log    action2 Keyword

Close All Browser
    Close All Browsers

    Log    action2 Keyword

If I’m understanding it right what you could do is as below:

${action_one_status}=    Set Variable  ${False}
${action_two_status}=    Set Variable  ${False}
${final_action_status}=    Set Variable    ${False}

WHILE   not ${action_one_status} and not ${action_two_status} and not ${final_action_status}      limit=3
     ${action_1_status}=    Run Keyword And Return Status       Action One 
     IF  not ${action_1_status}     CONTINUE

     ${action_2_status}=    Run Keyword And Return Status      Action Two 
     IF  not ${action_2_status}     CONTINUE

     ${final_action_status}=    Run Keyword And Return Status      Final Action 
     IF  ${final_action_status}    BREAK

So if it reaches the final action and succeeds it will break from the loop completely as it would have succeeded with the two actions before (i.e hadn’t failed on its action), if at any point prior to it, so at Action One or Two it will CONTINUE to the next iteration if it fails at any of those points, and the limit of 3 iterations.

There are defiantly other ways to handle this…


Thanks for your input but I want to start entire test case from start , can we call same test case from keyword like go to statement in other language. I want to run same test 3 times if its fails at any point

No problem and apologies I miss understood, I believe this question of some sort has been asked a few times on the forum, just searching and taking the first result which might be helpful in answering your question or a start in the right direction:

Personally not done this myself using the test:retry(value), but seems fairly straightforward