Getting Attribute error: 'Arginfo' object has no attribute 'startwith'

Hi Team,
I am getting the above error in my test script. When I updated my robot framework to 7.0 i am facing this issue. When i downgrade robotframewoek to 6.1.1 it is working fine. Can anyone help on this ?

Hi Arun,

Can you show an example of the script in question?

If there’s confidential data in the script can you make a small example script that can reproduce the error you are getting?

I checked the source code of the robot framework 7.0 release and startwith doesn’t exist anywhere in the code, so it’s probably not robot framework that’s giving you this error.
It could be a library you’re using or something else your doing, but with the information you’ve given I have no idea where to start looking.


Hi dave
I found the issue. Actually i was using robotdramework-datadriver 1.6 version which cause the issue. I have upgraded datadriver to 1.11 which resolved it

Thanks Dave

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