FULLY BLOCKED: ValueError: URL got value that cannot be converted to none?!

Has anybody ever seen this before? This has been quite frustrating. I was working on some tests in PyCharm and added the DataDriver Library to my interpreter. Decided that wasn’t the ideal way forward with my goals and gracefully backed out of the library. Then, after that, I began seeing this error pop up on every single one of my tests.

“ValueError: Argument ‘url’ got value that cannot be converted to None”

This began to happen on all of my tests, even ones that had nothing to do with the DataDriver library at all. It has now fully blocked any progress I would be able to make. So frustrating. Has anybody heard of this happening before?

Hi JHooks

I’d imagine you’ve done this, but have a look within the Python Interpreter under Project within settings and ensure it and any libraries installed from that package have been removed. You can also run pip list to ensure its fully been removed.

I guess you could try invalidating the cache in Pycharm: File > Invalidate Caches, maybe it’s some dodgy caching…?

Other than that, mind sharing how your passing in your Url within your test?