Free projects with source code for Robot Framework, Selenium and Python

I am searching as well as I would like to know from you mentors:

I need projects with source code (for Robot Framework, Selenium and Python) so that I can learn from them and make changes locally and learn by doing and practice. I am also asking source code so that I can learn about structure and organization of code and tests in various directories.

Or you can guide: Where should I take start for learning Robot Framework, Selenium and Python

  • I have sort of covered the syntax, so should I take e-bay for example and start to automate it or what is best, you can suggest, please?

I will greatly appreciate your help.
Sincere Regards

I have some material here:

(I am sure you will find more materials in the Internet, for example search “RobotFramework Cookbook” and “RobotFramework Awsome”)


Thank you so much.
Sincere Regards