Filter table against another

Is there a way to compare two tables in order to see if one or more values from the first table are contained inside a second one?

The workaround I figured for this is to get each value that I want to verify from the first table and use “Find Table Rows” to see if I find it in the second table. Is there a way that is more efficient to achieve this? I mean, like comparing everything at once. I checked the RPA.Tables Library but I did not find anything.

Hi Keny,

Robot Framework doesn’t have a concept of tables, but some libraries do when relevant to applications that have tables.

Which Library are you using?

As a general approach you could pull all the values from table 1 and put them
into a list called something like @{table1} and another list for table 2 @{table2}.
Then you can use a for loop on @{table1}'s values using List Should Contain Value to check if the value is in @{table2}
If the two values from each table should be the same you could also use Lists Should Be Equal


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Hi Dave,

Thanks for the explanation, I am using the RPA.Tables library with Robocorp. The approach you gave me sound about right for what I am trying to do.

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