ExtendedRequestsLibrary from robot framework has depreciation to_json error

I just downloaded the ExtendedRequestsLibrary, and I cannot seem to even import it. The code crashes before any code execution when I import using

*** Settings ***

Library RequestsLibrary
Library ExtendedRequestsLibrary

*** Variables ***
${base_url} https://viacep.com.br
${cep} 06150740

*** Test Cases ***
create session missao ${base_url}
${response}= get request missao /ws/{$cep}/json/
log to console ${response.status_code}
log to console ${response.content}
log to console ${response.headers}


    return getattr(libinst, name)

File “C:\Users\felipe.silva\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python310\lib\site-packages\ExtendedRequestsLibrary_init_.py”, line 111, in
raise AttributeError("’%s’ is deprecated." % name)
AttributeError: ‘to_json’ is deprecated.