Explanation on Browser selector with >>>


recently I was looking to find a way to select an element within an IFrame in a page with browser lib.
The only solution I found was in https://robocorp.com/docs/development-guide/browser/how-to-work-with-iframes

In my test, to click on the OK button in the Iframe I have to use

click  css=iframe[name="IframeName"] >>> "OK"

Here come my question why using >>> and not >> ?
I use often >> to find element in a page like :

"Active" >> .. >> [for="activeToggle"]

Does someone has the explanation of the difference between >> and >>> ?

thanks for you help

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In playwright you really have to select the frame you are working on.
But we did not want to have the old Selenium Select Frame kind of keywords.

Therefore we decided to add the >>> separator to mark where a frame is entered.

You select a frame or iframe element and then you “open” it with >>>

The >> just combines different selector types like
xpath >> css >> xpath >> text

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And here you do also find this information


Search for “frames”

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Many thanks for these clarifications it is cristal clear