Executing test case from another test defination

Hi Team,

In my project there are 5 test defination files in 4 different folders. let say there is testcase1 in test defination 1, testcase2 in test defination 2 and so on…
I want to call testcase2(having specific methods) from test defination 2 inside testcase 4 of test defination 4.Such that first, all methods of testcase2 will execute and then testcase4 methods will be executed.
This approach is required as we need to implement a end to end scenario where there is dependency of different methods(from different test defination present in different folder) on each other.
Kindly help on this. What should be my approach to call any testcases inside anyother testcases.

Hi Saswat,

I’m not sure if I understand the problem correctly, but a whole test definition could be a keyword in your custom repository. This way in definition 2 testcase2 can consist of this one keyword (defined in custom repository) and then you can use that keyword in definition4 testcase4 as the first keyword of the test.

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Yes i have proceeded in the same as mentioned. Thanks for the update.