Error with Chrome version 115 and newer

Hi Everyone,

From the github issue above I found a workaround that works well for me, so I’ll post it here in the hopes it helps someone.

Hopefully in the longer term this auto-update of the drivers will be added into SeleniumLibrary :crossed_fingers:

First I create this resource file:


*** Settings ***
Documentation		These keywords need the webdriver-manager module
... 							pip install webdriver-manager

*** Keywords ***
Update Chrome Webdriver
	[Documentation]		Update Chrome Web Driver
	${driverpath}= 	Evaluate
	[Return] 	${driverpath}

Update Firefox Webdriver
	[Documentation]		Update Firefox Web Driver
	${driverpath}= 	Evaluate 	webdriver_manager.firefox.GeckoDriverManager().install() 	modules=webdriver_manager.firefox
	[Return] 	${driverpath}

Then in my robot file I include it and call the keyword for the driver I need in the suite setup like this:

*** Settings ***
Library 	SeleniumLibrary
Resource 	SeleniumDrivers.robot

Suite Setup 	Update Chrome Webdriver

*** Variables ***

This way the driver update check will get called before your tests and Open Browser so hopefully no more failed tests

Hopefully that helps someone,