Error : Missing libraries Error in Ec2 Centos 7.5

Hi Experts

I am running ROBOT framework in Centos 7.5 in EC2 instance. when executing Robot-Browser library got below error. Could some one point me how I can resolve this issue.

I am trying to open a new browser in headless mode and going to New Page and clicking on a link.

  1. Python 3.7.9
  2. Nodejs 14
  3. Install robotframework-browser from the commandline: pip install robotframework-browser
  4. Install the node dependencies: run rfbrowser init in your shell

[ WARN ] Keyword ‘Take Screenshot’ could not be run on failure:
Tried to take screenshot, but no page was open.
To Test secureAuth Popup | FAIL |
browserType.launch: Host system is missing dependencies!

Missing libraries are:

Note: use DEBUG=pw:api environment variable and rerun to capture Playwright logs.