Does anyone see robot framework will slow when running parallel

I’m running multiple test suites at the same time. Multiple browsers will be opened then some test cases would be failed cause of error “Element is not visible after 30s second” but if I run 1 suite, no error has been found.

Hi Duy,

This will depend on you test machine and how much memory it has. each browser has a memory overhead.

On your test machine before running any tests open a system monitor and watch memory and cpu usage as you run 1 test, then do the same with 2 tests, etc.

For Unix based OS’s (Linux, MacOS, etc) you want to see CPU <80% and memory <80%
For Windows OS’s you want to see CPU <70% and memory <70%

If memory is over this you will be hitting swap disk from time to time as OS background jobs run and that would be causing the slowness
Likewise if CPU is over this then when OS background jobs run you can max the CPU out and have processes waiting for CPU resources again causing the slowness

Lastly if your test machine is a virtual machine, you need to check the host as well, if it’s over subscribed then even if the CPU/Memory usage is low on the test machine you could be being queued for resources by the virtual machine host.

Hope that helps,