Casos de testes instáveis

Good afternoon,

I’m using Robot for android application automation, developed in flutter, I’m having a problem when I run the tests the return is very unstable, especially when the execution is in mass.
I would like any tips to solve this problem, taking into account that the tests are with the correct wait and elements.
thank you!

Some questions:

  • Are you running the tests in an emulator or on physical devices?
  • If so, how many tests are running?
  • Are they running concurrently or sequentially?

Depending on the hardware (number of processors and threads, memory), you may be limited to how many tests can run at the same time.

good evening,

thanks for the feedback.
I’m running 10 test cases, through an android emulator, they are being generated sequentially.

Machine used:
Core I5 ​​3.5GHz
Ram: 16GB
Disk: 220GB

I can hardly run them all without any of them failing, always unstable.