Can I Use .pyc files instead of .py format in Robot Framework

I would like to protect the .py files by sharing the share code with either .pyc or pyd format. Does Robot Framework support it?

Hi @Test_Automation,

Well the documentation doesn’t mention that it does or doesn’t → Using physical path to library

I would just try it and see what happens

*** Settings ***
Library    PythonLibrary.pyc

If that doesn’t work try implementing your library as a directory of pyc files and that might work.

Robot runs as a python module in your python run time so I expect it probably will work.

I expect you’ll have the same issues as you would if you distributed any other python module as a .pyc file in that you’ll need to create .pyc files for each platform your customers/users require (windows, mac. linux) x (Intel x86, Intel x66, ARMv6, ARMv7, ARMv8, ARMv9, RISC-V64)
You probably won’t need to worry about RISC-V32, but you might need to worry about ARM32 if you need to support older RaspberryPI’s