CamundaLibrary 0.9.0 : start process at any activity

Dear process automationeers,

as our current project closes in on production state, robotframework-camunda experiences a new feature: with version 0.9.0 it is now possible to start a process before or after any activity of a process in Camunda.

Upgrade with
pip install robotframework-camunda==0.9.0


*** Settings ***
Library    CamundyLibrary.ProcessDefinition    ${CAMUNDA_HOST}
Library    Collections

*** Variables ***
${PROCESS_KEY}     apply for job promotion

*** Tasks ***
Start process in the middle
    ${priviliged_colleague}    Employee with good connections to his boss
    ${cv}    CV
    start process   ${PROCESS_KEY}   variables=${priviliged_colleague}    files=${cv}    after_activity_id= 'Activity_ask_boss_for_persmission'

*** Keywords ***
Employee with good connections to his boss
    ${employee}    Create Dictionary    employee=John Doe    persmision_for_application_granted=${True}
    [Return]    ${employee}

    ${files}    Create Dictionary    cv=documents/
    [Return]    ${files}
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