Browser - Timeout 10000ms on page.goto (New Page)

Hi guys.
First of all Great Work! I tried E2E tests in cypress and that was pain for me.
This is next level in setting up (vs selenium). KWs are super easy.


However I came across to problem:
I am unable to change timeout for New Page.

Our Ionic page I test loads up to 20s when uncached (dev server is really slow :slight_smile: ).

Registration flow                                                     | FAIL |
page.goto: Timeout 10000ms exceeded.
=========================== logs ===========================
navigating to "", waiting until 

Tried with KWs:

Set Browser Timeout  30s
Set Assertion Timeout  30s

When I try to Import library with arguments, they seem to be ignored:
I tried:

*** Settings ***
Library  Browser  30s 


Library  Browser  timeout=30s  enable_playwright_debug=${False}  auto_closing_level=MANUAL  retry_assertions_for=30s  run_on_failure=${None}

Do you please have any hints how to proceed?

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I just found out that after I added importing of another Library after Browser, it worked just fine. I will try to investigate this more and create bugreport for RF.

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I did it this way and it worked

${old_timeout} =    Set Browser Timeout    1m 30 seconds
New Page                ${BASE_URL}     
Set Browser Timeout    ${old_timeout}