Browser Library - Get Child Element By Role


I’m trying to access an element by its role and its accessibility name, then find a child of this element by role and accessibility name again. In playwright it could be done with the following line,:

await page.**getByRole**('group', {name: 'User'}).**getByRole**('button', {name:'Add'})

I’m trying to do the same in Robot Framework with BrowserLibrary, but I’m struggling to achieve that. I’ve read the section Cascaded selector syntax in the keywords documentation, but it seems not to work with the Get Element By Role to get the child element.

${user_group}=    Browser.Get Element By Role    group     all_elements=${True}     name=User
${add_btn}=    Browser.Get Element     ${user_group} >> [What could I use here to get a child by role?]

Any help on this is very appreciated. Thanks a lot!