Automate desktop app

can someone suggest to me a library that can manipulate file explorer? by selecting a file and opening it or uploading ?

Hi @vdavis345 ,

I just replied to that question in the other thread before I saw the new thread


Thank you!
Yes file explorer (windows gui).

Aldo from the other thread regarding sikuli, I tried pip installing the correct packages in cmd, then also adding python packages within PyCharm. But it still doesn’t allow me to use any keywords from the simulo library one I import it.

Any suggestions or reasons why it won’t would be appreciated.

The Robotframework-FlaUI Library and it’s predecessor robotframework-whitelibrary should be able to control the windows file explorer.

AutoItLibrary should also be able to control the windows file explorer

Though I’d imagine these will be harder than using the OperatingSystem Library as OperatingSystem has the keywords you’ll need and with the others you’ll need to work out all the steps to perform the same actions.

I’m not a PyCharm user, so not really able to answer that. From what I understand it uses a venv so you need to treat PyCharm’s python environment as different to the OS’s python environment, meaning you need to install any libraries you want to use in both. as for how that impacts other applications that those libraries use I’m not sure.

Sikuli Library runs and controls Sikuli (or maybe it’s SikuliX?) which is a Java Application, so you might need to check the java runtime in in your path, and also check if PyCharm has it’s own path settings that also need to be updated to find the java runtime.

FYI - If you can show the errors you are getting I’ll have a better chance at guessing what your issue is.


There’s no clear error as of now.
After I import a library, I can hover over and see the library documentation, but once I try and use the keywords “Keyword definition not found”.

Could we set up a call and I can share my screen or screenshots of the issue?