argumentfile[INTEGER] not recognized option


usually an error like this is based on a typo, but no matter how long i look at this, i don’t see it.

I run pabot with several configs, but I keep getting an error, that argumentfile1 is no option:

pabot --processes 2 -d output --argumentfile1 bin/argumentfile_0_0_false_false.txt --argumentfile2 bin/argumentfile_0_0_false_true.txt tasks/test_*_ars_retouren.robot
option --argumentfile1 not recognized
Total testing: 0.0 seconds
Elapsed time:  0.0 seconds

What am I doing wrong?

Pabot 1.8.0
Robot Framework 3.2.1
Python 3.7.5

-d is Robot Framework option.
Those must be after pabot options.