Add .pdf file to Robot log.html file

Does anyone have suggestions on how to attach a .pdf file to a Robot Framework log.html file such that a user can read view the log file, click on a link and download the .pdf file to their browser? I’ve seen a few examples of how to create hyperlinks but the hyperlinks never produce the file. The page attempts to load and then I get a browser message indicating the file is not present or may have been moved. Is it possible to attach a .PDF file to the log.html file?

Hi @TTnRobo,

*Disclaimer: I’ve never tried this myself *

Start with using the Automatic variable ${OUTPUT DIR}, as the location to download the pdf file, then it should be in the same location as log.html

Next the Log keyword allows you use html tags, so I guess you could would try either an <a> or <img> tag

Hopefully that’ll work,


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