ROBOCON Localization System

Hi, I recently saw

this video of the University of Tokyo’s team. I don’t have much experience with ROBOCON (I’m from the states and do FIRST Robotics), but I wanted to know what localization system they and other top teams are using. It seems unlikely to me that a brushless swerve drive could keep the accuracy needed for the high speed and precise movements required. Any information on this would be a great help.

I also have no idea if this is the correct place to post this question.

Wrong robocon, I am afraid :grimacing:

Usually this happens the other way around. When I google for robocon I usually end up at the robocon with awesome real robots.

This is a forum of robot framework. The nearest we come to robots is software robots. Well unless you just gave me an inspiration for a cool project :thinking:

Greetings :grinning: