Read and path excel data

HI, i am looking for right excel library and way how to design test test in PyCharm. Excel file included 6-7 columns and many rows. It has to be loop to execute each row. I think to keep read data from excel in one file and execution in different . I need to get row information and path it to different file, then re-start loop after execution. Is it possible to do? Do i need to keep excel file in the project directory?
Does robotframework-datadriver allow only one Test Case per page?
I have excel file in PyCharm directory but i can’t open it even after click on Open in Excel Reader (robotfamework-excellib is installed ).

Thank you


I would recommend you to install Robotframework-excellibrary-xwfintech

For more details check the post:


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Hi @natK,

I believe there is a confusion:

Either you want to read an excel file, then you are right to check for an excel library.

Or you want to generate test cases with data from an excel file, that’s why you use data driver. But then you would not need an excel library.

Which one is it?

Hi… on this step, i need to read data only … will take a look at
Robotframework-excellibrary-xwfintech… thank you all for replay

I can recommend RPA.Excel.Files from rpaframework. Its keywords are very convenient for reading (and writing) excel files:

Markus, thank you for idea.
Does RPA.Excel allow create new excel file and enter new row after each execution ? In manual they give an example to enter bulk of records