Can you handle multiple password encryption using CryptoLibrary?

I have used crypto library for my password encryption on my current suite for user password.

I now want to create another encryption for database password.

is it possible using crypto library?

below is the set of requirements for my user password keys
Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 7.57.24 PM

Should i create another folder for my new set of key for database connection and create another CryptoLibrary call on my Libraries.robot? like this:

`#for user password
Library    CryptoLibrary    key_path=${CURDIR}/../resources/keys
#for db password
Library    CryptoLibrary    key_path=${CURDIR}/../resources/keysdb`

or can I just add another path on line 12 like this,
Library CryptoLibrary key_path=${CURDIR}/../resources/keys;key_path=${CURDIR}/../resources/keysdb
is the above implementation acceptable in robot framework?